Automation and BMS

Automation and BMS
Automation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMSAutomation and BMS

For a building owner or user, energy consumption can be reduced by controlling, supervising and optimizing the process of building automation. Each solution we provide to our customers must be automated, using configured and parameterized automation for their needs. For large buildings, with special needs, they are optimized with BMS system.

A simplified automation is distributed in the building, and programming can be done only locally, while BMS system gather necessary informations and displays them on a PC. It can be connected to a web network and can be watched anywhere, not only inside the building.


Equipment automation, has the leading role of making each piece of equipment working when needed, offering comfort parameters and being equipped with a frequency converter which provides a smooth start of each unit. technical and economical performance of installations

All these things lead to a reduction of up to 30% of energy consumed by such equipment, which is materialized in reducing energy costs.

BMS System (Building Management System):


  • interior temperature control and exterior temperature monitoring
  • indoor ventilation control
  • lighting control
  • monitoring HVAC and electrical installation's parameters
  • operating elevators control
  • fire and flood control
  • recording and monitoring energy used in BMS System at desired period
  • warning and acting on some specialized equipment in case of emergencies
  • software adapting for customer needs for a much better efficiency, both functionally and financially.


  • saving energy: electricity, heat
  • high security
  • increasing the lifetime of the equipment serving the building
  • increased comfort
  • easy building management
  • environmental protection.