Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance activity addresses to all assembled installations and maintenance of any equipment or technical equipment.


Service and Maintenance Department services are:

  •  Maintenance and inspection on electrical installations, automation, heating and ventilation
  •  Troubleshooting and restoring the facilities in question
  •  Maintenance training for beneficiary's personnel
  •  Technical Assistance


Types of Contract:

Equipment Warranty:

We offer warranty to all equipment installed, only if they are used properly and with proper maintenance. Any misuse of equipment, or lack of regular maintenance can lead to loose the warranty of the equipment. To be sure that the equipment benefits of proper use, we recommend to sign a Maintenance Contract with our Service Department.

Maintenance Contract:

Signing a Maintenance Contract will guarantee you regular visits to ensure equipment reliability. The team which makes ​​these visits are testing and cleaning the equipment to ensure their operation parameters. Maintenance contract will cover only the checking and cleaning equipment's supplies. To repair or change some parts you will need a Service Contract.

Service Contract:

By signing a Service Contract, you can benefit for the maintenance of the equipment at regular basis, the advantage being that in case of some damages, you will support only the cost of the new parts, not the assembly.

Permanent Service:

With this kind of contract, our Service and Maintenance Department is available 24 / 7 to provide the support you need in case of equipment's damage. This contract is for customers who can not afford to stop the production line and need help urgently.

BMS Monitoring Contract:

This type of contract is addressing to beneficiaries who have implemented a BMS System. Our engineers will remotely track, manage and proactively intervene in case of possible emergency. This service will ensure continuous operation of the entire system because of our integrated control system that warns us if in the near future damage will occur to one of the equipment. Our specialists will have time to be notified in case of a problem, to evaluate it, to detect it and to intervene to solve it. Our integrated system allows us to analyze inventory reports of possible causes of failure, to be able to reset the system on time.


Short time response:

All requests received for intervention are solved in the shortest time possible. Depending on the type of maintenance contract, the response time in which our experts will go to the client for observation, can be up to 24 hours.

Qualified Personnel:

Through our qualified personnel, we intend to pursue and maintain the performance parameters established at initial installations and ensure their functioning throughout their lifetime.

Any equipment that does not benefit from a regular maintenance, will run with low operational parameters and high energy consumption. Physical depreciation of equipments leads to yield loss and equipment overload, that is why a maintenance contract will ensure the maintenance of normal parameters and a reduction in energy consumption.